Accounting Support and Reporting

The objective of this Chief Directorate is to promote and enforce transparency and effective management in respect of revenue, expenditure, assets and liabilities in all three spheres of Government. The Chief Directorate will be responsible for the implementation of the GRAP standards, the accounting policies, the reporting frameworks and other accounting guidelines as well assisting with resolution of specific problems for all the departments, local government, public entities and constitutional institutions. This would also include the administration of the National Revenue Fund (NRF) and Reconstruction and Development Fund (RDPF), as well as Banking Services for national departments. This unit also manages the transversal interaction with the Auditor-General’s Office, including the defrayal of the audit fees in excess of one percent of the budget of small municipalities and entities. The Chief Directorate will provide support to all the clients in relation to all accounting related matters, the resolution of audit outcomes and following up on issues and recommendations of the Specialised Audit Services unit. It will also prepare and publish monthly revenue and expenditure reports as well as the Consolidated Financial Statements, and the RDPF annual report.