Risk Management Support


The Risk Management Support Chief Directorate is responsible for providing risk management support to public sector institutions (national and provincial departments, public entities including their subsidiaries and trading entities, municipalities and municipal entities, and independent institutions established by the Constitution).  The Chief Directorate’s function is to:

·         Raise the standard of risk management in the public sector;

·         Provide direction, support and guidance to enable public sector institutions to implement and maintain effective systems of risk management;

·         Enhance effectiveness and uniformity of risk management through development and maintenance of the Public Sector Risk Management Framework (including the guideline documents, templates, implementation tools and e-Learning programme);

·         Assist public sector institutions to build their capacity for executing risk management;

·         Facilitate risk management knowledge sharing; and

·         Create a public sector risk management information repository

Public Sector Risk Management Framework  

The Public Sector Risk Management Framework (Framework) has been developed in response to the requirements of the Public Finance Management Act and Municipal Finance Management Act for Institutions to implement and maintain effective, efficient and transparent systems of risk management and control. 

A number of supplementary guidelines, templates and implementation tools have been developed to enhance the user’s understanding of the Framework and to facilitate its implementation.  The Framework is “principles” rather than “prescriptive” based and adopts the approach of elucidating the principles, standards, models and practices proven to support and sustain effective risk management.

We welcome your comments on the Framework to assist in improving it's relevance and overall quality, please provide your contact information and any comments / critique you may have. Provide comments on the Framework.

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Introducing e-Learning 

The National Treasury has developed a web based e-Learning programme that is designed to enable users to test their understanding of the Public Sector Risk Management Framework.  The programme allows a user to assess themselves at their convenient time and location.  The programme consists of twenty (20) individual modules and a Final Assessment.

After successful completion of each module, a certificate of completion is issued for the module passed.  A learner is only eligible to complete the Final Assessment once all  20 individual modules have been completed with a mark greater than or equal to 75%.  A certificate in recognition of successful completion of the programme in Public Sector Risk Management is issued for successful completion of the Final Assessment.

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Risk Management Questionnaire

National Treasury has developed a Financial Management Capability Maturity Model (FMCMM).  The model provides the basis for a consistent assessment methodology to determine the capability of government institutions to discharge their financial management responsibilities. Institutions are encourage to assess their risk management maturity level at least once per financial year.  However, the tool can be used as often as an institution wishes to assess its progress in implementing risk management. 

The questionnaire for Local Government can be accessed at the following link;

Local Government questionnaire....

The questionnaire for National and Provincial Government can be accessed at the following link;

National and Provincial Government questionnaire....

Enterprise Risk Management System

National Treasury has secured a user licence for a customised enterprise risk management (ERM) software suite called BarnOwl.  There are numerous BarnOwl access options that institutions can choose from.  The module accessible through National Treasury’s server is designed to support implementation of the Public Sector Risk Management Framework and is designed to meet the varied risk management information system needs of public institutions.

Link to Enterprise Risk Management System (BarnOwl)

Risk Management Events

Events such as the Public Sector risk Management Symposium and the Public Sector Risk Management Fora (Forum) are held to provide a platform for deliberations and thoughts on risk management. There is a Forum dedicated to Public Entities and another Forum designed to address the needs of national, provincial and local government institutions. 

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