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The responsibility of the Office of the Accountant General is to promote and enforce transparency and effective management in respect of revenue expenditure, assets and liabilities of institutions in all three spheres of Government. This includes the administration of the National Revenue Fund (NRF) and the Reconstruction and Development Programme Fund (RDPF), as well as Banking Services for national departments. The OAG is also responsible for developing policies and frameworks on Accounting, Internal Audit and Risk Management.



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Xperien Asset Disposal Risks.pdf
Xperien Asset Disposal Risks
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OAG ICT Governance Presentation - Information Security.pdf
OAG ICT Governance Presentation - Information Security
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KPMG POPI and Cyber Security Presentatation.pdf
KPMG POPI and Cyber Security Presentatation
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BC Presentation Risk Forum.pdf
BC Presentation Risk Forum
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